Sijama Llamas has developed a reputation for producing some of the most elegant and conformationally correct llamas in

the country. Our "tall and stretchy" look is a trademark of our breeding program. We also pay a great deal of attention to quality of fiber and in developing a distinct "Sijama Llamas personality".

All of our llamas are trained for the show ring as well as for obstacle courses, and are easily handled and taught to respect humans. Each year numerous school children visit us to pet and watch our herd. You must visit in order to appreciate these fine animals.

The following bloodlines can be found within our herd: The Canadian, Mr.Sweets, Fivestarr, Voldemort, Fino Chilean Rosario, GC's Inca Legend, Sijama Zumiez, Hoosier, MCF Etol, and Black Cloud of Bolivia just to name a few.

Starting a herd, of any farm animal is a critical point in a farms present and future. Seldom can an animal farm happen to buy or breed the "perfect"' herdsire in its initial breeding seasons. It typically takes many years to produce or purchase that animal with great conformation, disposition, and genetic perfection. We were extremely fortunate to have a great herdsire born on our farm in our 6th season of breeding. Sijama Zumiez was the offspring of Vavavoom (The Canadian) and Banff (Hoosier). Almost from birth he epitomized our "ideal" llama: tall, stretchy, athletic with wonderful fiber. In the showring

he proved himself over and over. On the trail as a packer he was superb! As a herdsire he produced winners for us and for people lucky enough to purchase his offspring. He was our foundation herdsire!!


Banff x. Vavavoom

Birth: 9-5-1997




SW Washington ALSA-HWJ-2nd

SW Washington ALSA-MWY-2nd

Oregon State Fair-MWY-1st, GC

OFFF MW2y-2nd, RGC

LOWS MW2y-1st

Western Regionals MW2y-1st, GC

WVLA MW2y-1st,1st

Rogue River ALSA MW2y-2nd

Llama Affaire MW2y-3rd

LOWS MW2y-2nd,3rd

Oregon State Fair MW2y-3rd


Western Regionals MWA-1st,Top 5

Llama Affaire MWA-1st


Western Regionals MWA- 1st, Top 5



Sijama Kokomo x. Sijama Mardigra

Birth: 3-10-2010

Oregon State Fair Suri Juvenile-2nd

Llama Affaire Suri Juvenile-1st, 3rd

Jinglebell Extravaganza Suri Yearling-2nd,2nd, RGC,RGC

Jinglebell Extravaganza Silky 2y-1st,1st,RGC

Jinglebell Extravaganza Silky Adult-1st,1st,GC,GC,

                       BEST OF SHOW (2)

Llama Affaire Silky Adult-1st,1st, GC, RGC

Oregon State Fair Silky Adult-1st, GC

OFFF Silky Adult- 1st,1st

ILR Certificate of Achievement






Sijama  Zumiez x. Carinosa

Birth: 4-15-2009

Oregon State Fair Medium Wool Yearling-1st,GC

Llama Affaire Medium Wool Yearling-2nd,2nd

Jinglebell Extravaganza MWY- 1st,2nd,RGC

Oregon State Fair MW Adult-2nd,RGC

OFFF Medium wool 2y-2nd


ILR Certificate of Achievement






Peruvian Voldemort x. Sijama Niobe


A positive trait from Kokomo is silky fiber which is

passed onto his offspring!





Starrfyter x. FPL Elektra

Birth: 9-3-2010

Oregon State Fair Suri Yearling-1st

COLA Suri Yearling-3rd,4th


Sire of Champions!







Inca Legend x. Sijama Zamora

Birth: 10-13-2013


Cascade Show Suri Juvenile-1st,1st , GC

COLA  Suri Juvenile-1st,1st, RGC

Oregon State Fair Suri Juvenile-2nd

OFFF Suri Juvenile-2nd,2nd, RGC,RGC

ILR Western Championship Suri Juvenile-2nd

Cascade Show Suri Yearling-1st,1st,GC,GC

COLA  Suri Yearling-2nd, 2nd

OFFF Suri Yearling- 2nd,2nd, RGC,RGC


This is truly one of our tallest llamas!  In 2017 he measures

 49.5 inches at withers and 80 inches poll!